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At the national level of policy in Turkey, educational goals set out by the Ministry of National Education for different levels make deliberate reference to
social and emotional learning in schools. According to basic law of national education (Law #1739), the general goal of Turkish National Education includes:
To help (students) grow physically, cognitively, spiritually and emotionally to become healthy and balanced individuals who value freedom, have the capability to reason scientifically, respectful of human rights, individuals and initiatives, who have a sense of responsibility toward society, and are constructive, creative and productive in their lives. (Ministry of National Education 1973) According to official documents of the Ministry, the new curriculum aims ‘to help students develop psychologically, socially, morally and culturally into healthy and balanced individuals who pursue happiness and self-actualization in life’. Another new curricular goal is to help students develop awareness of their rights, and responsibilities to adjust well into the society, appreciating human rights and valuing democratic culture (Ministry of National Education 2005). While these goals may be arguably more rooted in the written curriculum than the delivered curriculum, they are nonetheless worth noting as stated aims related to the social and emotional development of young people.



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